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Romancin under the stars

Haiiilo adorable humans! You cuties deserve an adventure, it doesn't have to be grand, I don't care if it is just a late-night pizza run or a mini sesh cuddling up in a blanket in the open boot of your car watching the sunset go down. "Elope with May at a small destination wedding or an intimate elopement up on a mountain top with epic views. You want to run in the forest with your fiance for your engagement photo session? You have a planned surprise proposal? Dancing in the rain like la la land?


Literally, anything that you have in mind, message me!"

Bailey and Mieke Party-257.jpg
Baljeet's Anniversary Photos 57.jpg
Baljeet's Anniversary Photos 40.jpg
Baljeet's Anniversary Photos 68.jpg
Bailey and Mieke Party-257.jpg

"Twirl and Swirl with Us"

Baljeet's Anniversary Photos 98.jpg


+64 0212921272

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